Welcome to Sand Hill Preservation Center


It is our sincere hope that each and every one of our customers takes the time to read this page. The few minutes that it takes to read this will help provide you with a better understanding of our operation and will communicate to you how we operate. We are not a large operation and all of the work is done by members of our family with occasional inputs from outside sources. The family consists of myself (Glenn) and my wife, Linda. Our two grown sons, Nick and Cory, are no longer living at home but come back occasionally to help out.

Our Mission


Our primary mission is the preservation of our genetic resources. It is so difficult to find the time and resources to do that properly that we need to set limits on what we can do and then do it right. You will notice that periodically we have to change our plans and do things a little differently. For example, this season we will again be producing all of our sweet potato plants in the field. This means a stronger healthier plant for the customer and this gives us more greenhouse space to start other things. However, this means no plants earlier than late May.

How to order from this website

We have had a website since 2004. One thing that has changed as a result of having a website is that we are getting more orders in our office in the Fall requesting shipment for the following year. chicken This has caused some of the poultry breeds to be either totally booked up for the season or booked up to a certain date before the new catalog is even sent to the printer. If you want a particular breed, you will need to send in your order and wait your turn in line. We continue to take orders only by regular mail. We still have no intention of taking orders over the Internet. I have decided that we will take orders over the Internet just as soon as we can ship chicks and seeds via e-mail. Patience here is the key. We will not be taking orders by credit card or any other method over the Internet. If you have questions you may contact us by e-mail at the following address: Sand Hill Preservation.

All orders must be received pre-paid by regular mail with payment included with the order. We accept only checks and money orders. We do not accept credit cards, and therefore we do not accept telephone orders or e-mail orders. You may print out the appropriate order form directly from this website, fill it out and then send it in by regular mail. Your order is not booked until we receive it (together with payment) in our office by regular mail.


Please remember we are not a 24-hour fast food place where you can order and expect service immediately. grain back-lit by the sun We are doing this as a hobby business service and we work as fast and efficiently as the time allows. We cannot guarantee specific hatch dates, as we cannot guarantee the hatch rate or laying rate of each of the many breeds that we have. We will get to each and every person that places an order - in the order the date that we receive that order in the mail. If you are impatient and absolutely have to have something by a certain date, please do us and yourself a favor and order from somewhere else. We realize the above statement seems cold and harsh, but we are simply not able to deal with creating chicks at the spur of the moment. We are at the mercy of the birds and there isn't anything that we can do to change that. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

Office Hours

Our office phone is available 24 hours a day. Linda will be by the phone most Mondays and Thursdays from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Central Time. We have a voice mail service now. We ask that you leave your name, number and best time to return your call. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible, although, it may not be the same day. We have lots to do here and sometimes it is impossible to deal with all the phone calls we receive. We do not make or accept phone calls on Sunday. Spring and Fall are the busiest times as so much has to be done that it may be the first rainy day before we get time to return a call.

Visitor Policy

We are not set up for drop in visits and really can't handle them. With the recent Newcastle and Avian Influenza precautions we are no longer allowing any visits to the poultry part of our operation. We are doing our best to try to promote good bio-security.

Gift Certificates

You may order gift certificates from us to give as a gift for that special person in your life. Gift certificates may be ordered in any dollar amount that you would like to give. The gift certificate must be in a dollar amount. We will not issue a gift certificate for a particular number of seed packets or for a particular number of day-olds. You will need to send a check or money order in the amount that you would like to have on the gift certificate plus $2.00 for each gift certificate ordered (for processing the gift certificate). Please include your name and complete address as well as the recipient's name and complete address. We will send a personalized gift certificate plus a copy of the current catalog to each person you have ordered a gift certificate for. If you would prefer that we send the gift certificate to you so that you may present it as a gift, please indicate that when you order. Otherwise, we will send it directly to the recipient. If the gift is for a specific occasion, you may note that as well. We will try to send something appropriate for the occasion (Birthday, Christmas, Graduation, etc.). Please allow at least two (2) weeks for us to get the gift certificate typed and sent back out to the recipient.

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