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Updated September 25, 2017

2018 Bantams

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2018 Hatch Weeks:  March 6, 20; April 3, 17; May 1, 15, 29; June 12, 26; July 10, 24; August 7, 21; September 4, 18; October 2, 16, 30. (No specific breeds may be ordered in September and October. We will only take orders for Assortments in September and October.)

We have had a reduction in the number of breeds that we offer for 2018. We had what some have termed a "Predator Apocalypse". It started in the Fall of 2016 with a huge number of opossums and then, as Winter and early Spring turned into Summer, we had countless numbers of other poultry predators. We had a mink that refused to be caught despite a professional trapper's assistance and countless attempts. We learned that mink can get through an incredibly small hole and are very, very destructive. We also had skunks, fox, numerous raccoons and a badger, who did not get poultry but each night dug huge holes into the pens to allow everyone else in. There were some mornings that there were so many different animal tracks around the pens that it was impossible to identify all of them as to what was eating what. All in all we lost all members of over 29 breeds and numerous individuals of others as the mass of poultry eaters would make their rounds, finding each and every loose pen door, or weak spot in the fence, you name it. We eventually caught the adult raccoons and a pack of coyotes took care of the young raccoons. The early morning I saw the coyotes I nearly gave up hope that we would ever be able to raise poultry again as it seemed like yet another poultry eater was here for a feast. We did not expect the coyotes to be there to help, but they did. We will update the breeds and numbers again after all breeders have been selected later in November, but this is how it looks at this point.


SUPER ASSORTED BANTAMS:  Super Assortment can be any of the Bantam breeds we maintain. Chicks are $2.50 each (25); or 25 Super Assorted Bantam Chicks for $55.00

ASSORTED BANTAMS:  Assortment of 3 to 4 breeds (25 chicks) for $70.00


Black Japanese:  Small, solid black in color. Short legged with upright, leaning forward tails. APA. (Available in Assortments Only)

Buckeye:  Gorgeous, deep red replicas of their standard size counterparts. Pale brown eggs. These have a pea comb. APA. Chicks $5.00 each (10)

New Hampshire:  Bantam version of the full sized breed. They have a single comb and lay pale brown eggs. APA. Chicks $5.00 each (10)

Rhode Island Red:  Single comb, productive bird, laying a pale brown egg. (Available in Assortments Only)

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All Silkies have black (deep maroon) colored skin with downy feathers that look like cotton puffs and all have a walnut comb. Eggs are tinted white to light brown. They make excellent setters and mothers which makes the egg and chick supply sporadic at times.

Blue Silkie:  Same genetics as all blue fowl where some will come out black and some splash as well as blue. Chicks $5.00 each (5)

Buff Silkie:  Rich golden buff with some darker shades to orange. Also an occasional black feather. Chicks $5.00 each (5).

Partridge Silkie:  The color pattern is basically a buff with blackish mixed in. They are bearded. Chicks $5.00 each (5)

White Silkie:  Pure white, bearded type. APA. Chicks $5.00 each (5)

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Old English bantams are small, adorable birds, but seem to have a feast or famine reliability with the chick supply. All lay slightly off-white eggs and have a small single comb with five points.

Black Old English:  Slim, feisty in temperament, very small, pure black in color. APA. (Available in Assortments Only)

Chocolate Old English:  A beautiful, chocolate (dark brown) colored version of Old English. With all chocolate birds, off-color types occur. These tend to be chocolate with red in the hackles and the saddles. Non-APA. (Available in Assortments Only)

Spangled Old English:  Spangled (Speckled Sussex) pattern. (Available in Assortments Only)

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