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Updated on September 25, 2017.

2018 Guineas

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2018 Hatch Weeks:  June 12, 26; July 10, 24; August 7, 21; September 4, 18; October 2, 16, 30. (No specific breeds may be ordered in September and October. We will only take orders for Assortments in September and October.)

We have had a reduction in the number of breeds that we offer for 2018. We had what some have termed a "Predator Apocalypse". It started in the Fall of 2016 with a huge number of opossums and then, as Winter and early Spring turned into Summer, we had countless numbers of other poultry predators. We had a mink that refused to be caught despite a professional trapper's assistance and countless attempts. We learned that mink can get through an incredibly small hole and are very, very destructive. We also had skunks, fox, numerous raccoons and a badger, who did not get poultry but each night dug huge holes into the pens to allow everyone else in. There were some mornings that there were so many different animal tracks around the pens that it was impossible to identify all of them as to what was eating what. All in all we lost all members of over 29 breeds and numerous individuals of others as the mass of poultry eaters would make their rounds, finding each and every loose pen door, or weak spot in the fence, you name it. We eventually caught the adult raccoons and a pack of coyotes took care of the young raccoons. The early morning I saw the coyotes I nearly gave up hope that we would ever be able to raise poultry again as it seemed like yet another poultry eater was here for a feast. We did not expect the coyotes to be there to help, but they did. We will update the breeds and numbers again after all breeders have been selected later in November, but this is how it looks at this point.

Please note that we do not have any guinea hatches during the months of March, April, and May!

Availability:  We are not set up to offer large quantities of any particular color variety of guinea. For those who want large numbers of a particular color variety, please contact: The Guinea Farm, 21357 White Pine Lane, New Vienna, IA 52065-9728 Telephone: (563) 853-4195. We can highly recommend their stock.


We are no longer taking orders for guineas for 2017.

ASSORTED GUINEA KEETS:  Keets $3.50 each or 25 for $80.00. (25)

Buff Dundotte:  Darker buff color with dots. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY.)

Brown:  Dark cocoa with dots. The brown guineas seem to carry very low fertility despite laying large numbers of eggs. Availability is sporadic. Be prepared to wait for these. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY.)

Chocolate:  Dark brown with no dots. Keets $5.00 each (5)

Lavender:  Pale blue with dots. Our hardiest and most productive color pattern. Keets $5.00 each (10)

Pearl:  This is the color pattern everyone thinks of when speaking of guineas, dark steel grey with white dots. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY.)

Royal Purple:  Dark purple, no dots other than a few on the underside. Keets $5.00 each (5)

Slate:  Slate gray with a reddish tint, day olds are a very attractive reddish color. (AVAILABLE IN ASSORTMENTS ONLY.)