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Updated on September 22, 2017.

2018 Muscovy Ducks

We have long enjoyed having Muscovy Ducks and have worked with the Chocolate colored variety off and on for many years. We are offering them for sale this year. Because of their hatch rate and hatching time, they cannot be included in regular duck shipments and must be sent separately. Muscovies take 35 days to hatch. They do much better on less water than regular ducks and will fly easily. Wing feathers must be trimmed to keep them in a pen. They make excellent mothers and the meat is leaner than regular ducks. Muscovies must be shipped by Express Mail to all locations.

Chocolate Muscovies:  - 12 ducklings - $100.00 (plus Express Mail postage)  (Use the Duck shipping chart - equivalent of 15 ducklings)

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