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Updated on September 22, 2017.


Please read entire page before ordering.

Requirements for number of poultry needed in the shipping box to insure safe shipping.

Poultry Shipping Information

Order Processing: Please remember we process and fill orders on a first come, first served basis. We never know from year to year which will be the hot items that everyone will want, so place your orders early even if you don't want them until Summer. If you don't get your name on the list early for the date that you prefer, that date may already be booked up for the breeds you want. REMEMBER, ORDER EARLY!!!

Day Olds: We will telephone or e-mail you the day your birds are shipped so it is very important that you include your daytime and evening telephone numbers (if they are different) and your e-mail address on your poultry order form (if you want us to use your e-mail address). We call in the evening to let you know they have been sent and the Postal Service calls during the day to let you know they have arrived at your Post Office. We will basically try to contact you first by telephone and will use the e-mail as a backup contact in case we can't reach you by phone. We do not call if we do not ship.

Express Mail Shipping for 2016: We have to ship via Express Mail to AK, HI, and PR. We have had fabulous service getting birds to many points in AK in less than 24 hours. With all of the new closures in the USPS distribution centers, please check with your local Post Office about whether you need to use Express Mail Shipping for live poultry from Iowa. If you live quite a distance from your local distribution center, please consider using Express Mail Service.

Poultry Guarantees

Poultry Shipping Charges

Priority Mail Service:
*  We only call (or e-mail) you the day that your order is shipped out.
*  The shipment is sent by Priority Mail (2-3 day delivery).
*  Tracking service is now available with Priority Mail through the USPS or on their website.
*  You pay from the Column (A, B, C or D) from the Zone Code Chart according to the state which your delivery is being shipped to.

Priority Express Service:
*  We only call (or e-mail) you the day that your order is shipped out.
*  The shipment is sent by Priority Express Mail (should be delivered by 3:00 PM of the 2nd day after shipping but a failed delivery refund will not be paid unless it is delivered after the 3rd day.)
*  Tracking service is available through the USPS or on their website for Express Mail Service.
*  You pay from the Express Mail column in the postage chart for your postage.



Postal Zip Code Chart


Poultry Postage Chart

NOTE: If we are shipping your turkeys anywhere besides Zone "A" on the Zone Code Chart, you MUST request and pay for Express Mail Service. Turkeys are just too fragile to take a chance on them taking three days for delivery. We also recommend Express Mail Service for Runner Ducklings and the more expensive Goslings.

Poultry Orders To Hawaii

All orders for poultry shipments to Hawaii must be received in our office well in advance (a month or more) of the shipping date requested so that the necessary permits and paperwork may be obtained. There is no charge for the paperwork to ship to Hawaii, but it must be obtained in advance. We are not allowed to ship ducklings or goslings to Hawaii. All shipments to Hawaii must be sent by Express Mail.

Poultry Orders To Canada

WE ARE NO LONGER SHIPPING POULTRY FOR ENTRY INTO CANADA. Due to the excessive paperwork required and the difficulty in making connections, we are not even shipping to a U.S. border town to be hand carried across the border into Canada.


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